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Pray For Rain

HCJB Global

Some of my favorite stories on "Beyond the Call" with Ron Cline are those that tell of a great financial need that was met by someone who considers themselves blessed by the opportunity to give.  They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things - and not for themselves, but for eternal purposes.

There are many "ordinary people" - listeners, in fact - that are getting ready to respond to a great financial need.  Would you join us in prayer for the listeners, station personnel and recipients of these upcoming HCJB Global partner events?  We don't want anyone to be robbed of the blessing it is to give. 

Here are two of the several station events happening in October:

HCJB GlobalStation:  WMIT-FM "The Light"
Where:  Black Mountain, North Carolina

Running the ship: Jim Kirkland, Director of Radio

When:  October 6-8th

Listeners will be given an opportunity to support HCJB Global's effort in the North Africa/Middle East region including raising funds for the cost of evangelism and discipleship programs aired on shortwave and satellite radio and for training national believers how to produce programs and do listener follow-up.

Station: KFSI-FM "Shining the Light"
Where:  Rochester, Minnesota

Running the ship:  Paul Logan, Operations Director
When: Oct 19-20th

Bloga-what?  Listeners will hear where Blogatanga, Ghana is and how they can meet a crucial need for a Christian radio plant in this area.

Do you have a sharathon coming up?  Please let us know so we can pray for you, your station and the listening tuning in.

For October program titles of "Beyond the Call", click here.

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