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BEHOLD!  The empty producer's chair.  There are some who like to sit in it, and others who dread the thought.  I like it, at least this one (since I know where all the buttons are). Tomorrow, I'm going to be sitting in that chair and recording Charles Morris interviewing Max Lucado.  I'm excited. They are both great men of God who are "all about Jesus."  Max just released his new book.

That said, I thought I might let you participate in the recording session in a unique way.  Do you have any questions for Max, particularly as it relates to the topic of fear?  If you do, email me at Robert@ambaa.com , but be quick about it - the session is tomorrow.  The broadcasts will air on September 17 & 18 so tune in, you might get your question answered.

Grace, Peace, and Joy

Robert Jacobsen

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