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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

The Antidote to Fear. . .

 I'm amazed that I didn't give my mother heart failure, especially with all the crazy things I did growing up!  My favorite story is when I jumped off the top of a tall lifeguard post at the local beach!  My mom watched me as my three year old body plummeted, head first, closer and closer to the ground.  Miraculously I landed in the sand - just three inches away from the concrete slab that most likely would have ended my life!

Thankfully, life generally isn't filled with sudden and unexpected fears, although they most certainly do exist!  There ...

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Grace to You® Visits Ambassador

Having made a trip to So Cal last week to see my family, I was able to spend time at the Ambassador office, too.  For a few days, I had my old life back--commuting to and from Irvine, talking with Peg and the team in person, eating fresh donuts brought in by Jim :-), and enjoying all the other benefits of working in an office with my co-workers (and friends). 

GTY Team with Michelle BloodAnother benefit (and highlight) of my time in Irvine was participating in a meeting with our Grace to You® friends, Jay Flowers and his assistant, Amanda Thompson. The meeting was both ...

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What A Treat!

  • Wednesday, September 9, 2009
  • Carolyn Kim
  • Greenroom

It was a great day at Ambassador yesterday as we shared in fellowship with our good friend, Trace Thurlby from the Bott Radio Network. But the celebration of his visit started long before he came through our doors in the afternoon--it started about 30 seconds after the delivery of some incredible pastries Trace had sent earlier that morning: Lemon, Blueberry and Apricot. It doesn't get much better than that!

Great friends and delicious treats! Needless to say, both the desserts and our time with Trace made the day an incredible one here on Langley! 

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Worth a Second Look

Once a month I clean out my "Sent" and "Deleted" files in Outlook.  Do you ever take a second look at old emails?  Back and forths you had forgotten about, agendas of meetings long gone?  I like when I rediscover a really good story or a link to a video -- I'm reminded of the first time I got it and am glad to renew the encounter. 

Such was the case when I ran across this video from Pete Briscoe (speaker for "Telling the Truth").  Pete says, "I Am Second..." and thus encourages us all to look to Who is ...

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BEHOLD!  The empty producer's chair.  There are some who like to sit in it, and others who dread the thought.  I like it, at least this one (since I know where all the buttons are). Tomorrow, I'm going to be sitting in that chair and recording Charles Morris interviewing Max Lucado.  I'm excited. They are both great men of God who are "all about Jesus."  Max just released his new book.

That said, I thought I might let you participate in the recording session in a unique way.  Do you have any questions for Max, particularly ...

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In what way did your grandparents make a lifelong impression?

Grandparents Day

Check out Update for what others have said.

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