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With 50 years of experience, we "get" that things are always changing! That's why we've dedicated a section of our website to provide the very latest information about the speakers and ministries we serve--and about us, too. Come take a look at "what's new"--or use the sidebar options to take a deeper look at areas of particular interest. In case you wonder what we think, we've dedicated a space for commentary (including guest posts). And take a look at who's been to Ambassador lately in our own version of the Greenroom!

What Has Tolerance Done to America?

Here’s what one 93-year old woman thinks as she responded to an online column at the Deseretnews.com:



For the past 30 years, no virture has been more praised in these columns than "tolerance."  In the same time period, no attictude has been more condemned than "intolerance."  It is time to take a look at what "tolerance" has done to America. 


We have tolerated every kind of slovenly dress and have become a nation of slobs.  We have tolerated every kind of sexual behavior and reaped a harvest of deadly disease, unwed mothers and fatherless children.  We have tolerated ...

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Rejecting Apathy!

Never before in the history of our nation has it been more important for Christains to act on their convictions. I was reminded of what a pivitol point it is for American when Chuck Colson recently shared on a BreakPoint® Comentary:

"If we value our liberties, if we believe in the most fundamental principles upon which our civilization is based, then we owe it to our God and to future generations to speak out." 

There's a lot going on in government right now that's especially critical for believers. When I think of conscious clause for medical professionals being ...

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A Final Study in Jude

We finished off our study in Jude with Al Sanders this week! Take a moment to hear what we talked about in our devotions...we'd love to hear your thoughts too!

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Say "Goodbye" to Landlines

  • Monday, August 24, 2009
  • Jim Sanders
  • Insights

On the list of endangered species: the wired home phone.  No other technology has the universal market penetration like the wired home telephone does.  But that’s coming to an end as The Economist points out in their August 15, 2009 edition.

 Unplugging at HomeAt an increasing rate, people are saying “goodbye” to their wired home phone, and replacing it with their cell phone.  They’re hanging up their landline at the astounding rate of about 700,000 per month

For the first time last year, the number of people using only a mobile phone exceeded the number of people using ...

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Emilie Barnes Visits Ambassador

It's always so nice when Emilie Barnes drops in to visit or record her "Keep It Simple" vignettes.  Here she is getting ready to record upcoming programs!

Emilie, like all the rest of us, is a very busy person!  She's a speaker, best-selling author (over 70 books!), wife, grandmother, and homemaker!  So how does she stay on top of everything?  Simple - by being organized! 

Did I hear you groan?  Are you thinking you don't have time to get organized, let alone stay organized?  Emilie has found easy ways to simplify everything she does, including being organized.  How ...

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Watch Your Mouth!

  • Friday, August 21, 2009
  • Jennifer Perez

I had the delight recently of visiting with a well-known leader in youth ministry who has also been a personal mentor to me and my husband.  I'm reminded of a Bible verse that he would quote often in speaking to highschoolers.  It's from Luke 6:45 which states, "For out of the overflow of his heart, the mouth speaks."

I don't think there could be a truer statement about the condition of our heart and how easy it is to just blurt out everything we're feeling at the moment!

Elizabeth George is another friend who talks ...

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