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More Radio Response to Haiti

HAITI: What's happening and how your station can be a part of it.

Updated reports of the devastation left by the massive earthquake in Haiti has prompted a heightened need to broadcast the ways in which we can help Haiti recover.

Please take action today so that listeners can be informed about how to effectively demonstrate their care & support for Haiti.

Download Audio

Please consider airing these new PSAs that will update your listeners on ministry efforts and encourage them to pray give support to trustworthy organizations:

Download Sound Bytes/PSAs

NEW :60 Wess Stafford/Warning about charity scams/Compassion’s financial integrity PSA
NEW :60 Information on sponsored kids in Haiti & response/financial appeal PSA
NEW :60 Compassion sponsored children affected by earthquake/financial appeal PSA

ALSO: Download talking points from Compassion (also at FTP)

HCJB Global
8:00 Interview with HCJB Global Hands medical team en route to Haiti
:30 Prayer appeal for Christian radio in Haiti PSA
:30 Prayer for HCJB Global Hands team
NEW :30 Financial appeal PSA
NEW :30 Prayer appeal PSA

ALSO: Download talking points from HCJB Global (also at FTP)

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association—Rapid Response Team
NEW :30 How “Rapid Response” Works PSA
NEW :30 Haiti Prayer appeal PSA
NEW :60 “Rapid Response” Working in Haiti PSA

Vonete Bright
NEW :30 Call to prayer and action PSA

Download the above audio at our FTP site:

Username: station
Password: aaa
Folder: HAITI

Available for Interviews

Spokespeople, ministry leader and eyewitnesses are ready to share about what's going on in Haiti:

1) Billy Graham Rapid Response Team: A nationwide network of crisis-trained chaplains prepared to deploy at a moment’s notice and offer hope and comfort in the midst of man-made and natural disasters.

Contact for Interviews: Erik Ogren at (704) 577-2109

2) Compassion International: Compassion has been in Haiti since 1968. With more than 65,000 children in more than 230 child development centers, at least one-third of their children have been affected by the disaster.

Available to Interview:

> Wess Stafford, President - Compassion International. He began is career as a relief worker in Haiti
> Port-au-Prince native Edouard Lassegue, Compassion International's regional vice president for Latin America and the Caribbean
> Doug Bassett, Compassion International's director of Central American countries
> A number of Compassion sponsors who recently visited their sponsored children in Haiti
> Comedian Jeff Foxworthy
> Christian artist Amy Grant

Contact for Interviews: Christy Lynn Wilson or Kathy Redmond at 719.272.5639

3) HCJB Global: The ministry's Rapid Response team just landed in Haiti. Working in coordination with Samaritan's Purse, the team will relieve medical workers at a hospital.

Available to Interview: HCJB Global President Wayne Pederson (heard yesterday/today on HAVEN Today, Prime Time America, WMBI Chicago and more).

Contact for Interview: Michelle Sorak at 719-590-9800

Web Banners

Consider providing a convenient way for your listeners to connect with trustworthy ministries:

HCJB Global: Download web banners at our FTP site.

Compassion: Access Compassion/Haiti web banners here or at our FTP site.

Download the above audio at our FTP site:

Username: station
Password: aaa
Folder: HAITI/Web Banners

On the air

In addition to those who have already altered regularly scheduled programming this week (such as "HAVEN Today", "Beyond the Call" and "Life Issues®"), additional broadcasters will bring attention to the tragedy in Haiti starting Monday including "Speak Up With Compassion®", "UpWords®" and "Joni and Friends®."

***Please note if you take any of the above programs on Amb-OS, you do not need to take any action. For FTP, please find the replacement program on our FTP site.





NRB has cleared the way with the FCC for special waivers for non-commercial stations wishing to conduct fundraising campaigns. Go to nrb.org for more information.

At leat a third of the more than 65,000 Compassion sponsored children have been affected by the earthquake. (Images of Child Development Centers in Haiti)

Communications in and out of Haiti are almost non-existent right now.

45,000 to 50,000 are reported dead, over 3 million affected.

80% of Haiti’s 9 million residents live in poverty.

Port-au-Prince is home to 2 million people, many of whom live in poorly constructed shanties.

The airport in Port au Prince does not have the capacity or resources to support the number of relief planes entering the country. Samaritan’s Purse had to turn back three planes carrying aid workers and supplies. Franklin Graham said, “We're looking at taking a ship out of Fort Lauderdale (Florida), and putting everything on the ship. It'll take two days to get there, but I'm afraid it's going to take longer to try and go through the airport."

The American Red Cross's efforts to get donations via text messages has raised $5 million for Haiti as of 5:00 PM Thursday. That exceeds the nearly $4 million that was donated to all charities by mobile texts in all of 2009.

The FBI is warning Americans to be wary of appeals to help recovery efforts in Haiti. Use charitynavigator.com to avoid scams.


Continue Praying

After travel delays due to lack of space at airport, HCJB Global Hands medical team has arrived in Port Au Prince. They will relieve medical workers who have been serving since the earthquake hit on Tuesday.

Dan Woolley, a Compassion International employee who was visiting Haiti has been found alive after being trapped in an elevator shaft. Rescuers are still looking for one of Dan's partners with the group.

Revive Our Hearts team members are continuing with plans made weeks ago to visit the Dominican Republic. They are getting footage of Christ-following women for showing at True Woman conferences in 2010.

“As the after shocks of this quake continue to be felt
across Haiti, our goal is that waves of compassion will
continue to be felt in the days, weeks, months and years
ahead.” --Compassion President Wess Stafford

"Once again a devastating tragedy affords the human race an opportunity to put aside relatively unimportant matters that so easily consume us and focus in a concerted effort on doing whatever is possible to bring help to desperate people and it will offer even more challenges to the Christian church to follow our calling to be lovers of neighbors practically, sacrificially and joyfully. --Stuart Briscoe ("Telling the Truth")

Prayer requests? Please email info@ambassadoradvertising.com


"God is our refuge and strength. A very present help in time of trouble."


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