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What's There to Love About February?


It's actually my favorite month of the year!  Why?

  • It's my birthday month!
  • Ground Hog's Day (more on that in another blog)!
  • Valentine's Day (what else is there to say)!
  • NRB Nashville (time to see friends and make new ones)!
  • Weekend to Remember® begins its Spring season!

Dennis and Barbara RaineyAnd nothing could make this month more complete than to actually spend Valentine's weekend with my husband, Steve, at an upcoming Weekend to Remember®.  So we are! 

It was a tough choice though--choosing between the one in Hershey (PA) where Bob Lepine is speaking, or the one in National Harbor (DC) where Dennis and Barbara Rainey are featured speakers!  (Guess which one we chose?) 

This will be our 5th conference and even after that many times, we still look forward to being there!  For us, it's an opportunity to getaway and focus on each other, and our marriage.  No T.V., no computers, no house to clean, and no "honey do" list to check off. 

The Weekend to Remember® marriage conference isn't just for couples like us needing a tune-up, they also serve to provide help and hope for marriages in trouble.  You'd be surprised by how many couples attend this conference as a last ditch effort to save their marriage.

"It has helped us to put our marriage back together after being separated for a year. Divorce proceedings had started. But after this, that is out of the question. We are learning to accept each other for who we are, and thanking God for our differences."


"Changed my life! We came to this conference separated and possibly seeking divorce, but through this ministry God has broken me and made it possible to break the chains of bondage to be free to love my wife and family like God intended.  I will NEVER be the same – Praise God!!"


These are real testimonies from real couples that went into the conference with real struggles.  That's why your partnership with FamilyLife remains a vital component to their mission in building spiritually strong marriages. 

So thank you for your continued support through airing the many broadcasts as well as getting the word out to your audience about the Weekend to Remember® conferences. 

If you'd like to help promote a conference this Spring, contact me directly.  To find out what's airing this month on "FamilyLife Today" download this month's promo packet.  The first two weeks are devoted to love and marriage (another reason to love February!).


Michelle Blood
Ambassador Advertising Agency
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