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Winter Olympics Anyone?

Robert and some future OlympiansMy wife called me four weeks ago and asked me “Will you do something crazy with me?” Now that’s an “open ended” question if I ever heard one.  After 15 years of marriage, I’ve learned the appropriate response is “Anything, for you my love.”


She wanted me to take her to the Olympics in February.  Keep in mind this is weeks away from the opening ceremonies. I rolled my eyes.  It’s a good thing you can’t see eye-rolls over the phone.  She had found online some incredible airfares ($150 round trip to Vancouver).


Back story – Amy went to the Olympics as a junior higher when they were in LA in 1984 and loved every minute of it. Her family entered the ticket lottery and won …if you can call getting the right to purchase tickets to “dressage” winning. (My apologies to all you dressage fans…all two of you). Anyway, they ended up buying tickets on the street to water polo at Pepperdine, synchronized swimming, wrestling (where she traded pins with the Heavy Weight Greco-Roman Gold Medalist from Romania), and she even saw Carl Lewis win one of his gold medals.


So, I entertained Amy’s little fantasy and gave her the “thumbs up” to look a place for us to stay (knowing of course there is not a bed to be had in B.C.). I also told Charles Morris about my wife’s scheming, he gave me some phone numbers and voila…I’m going to the Olympics.  If only I had the vision my wife does.  Turns out I have friends in B.C. that I’ve never even met (at least not face to face) who are putting us up for a couple of nights for free.  We’re flying in on Thursday, and out on Saturday, but I think we’ll get to take in some Hockey (we’re BIG Hockey fans) and Curling.  Maybe I’ll even get some sound-bytes for HAVEN Today!

Which brings me to the point of my blog post.  I want you and your listeners to go with me. The Winter Olympics only happen once every four years. I want Vancouver 2010 to be as memorable for you, as the 1984 Olympics are for my wife.  Starting Tuesday, February 12th, Charles Morris of "HAVEN Today" will bring Olympic highlights to your listeners in 60 second spots. It won’t only be about victories and defeats, but also the spiritual dynamics that are shaping both spectators and athletes.  He’ll be telling the Great Story…it’s all about Jesus.

Call me (949)681-7612 or email me robert@ambaa.com;and if you know any good cheap restaurants in Vancouver, let me know!

I’ll tell you all about the trip at NRB.

Praying for tickets,

Robert Jacobsen


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