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What's The Best Thing Money Can't Buy?


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There's so many answers that came to mind, but I think I'd have to say grace. Certainly what makes life worth living and can never be bought! :)

Humor. Without laughter, life just gets too stuffy. :)

A kiss from my daughter!

The feeling when I'm holding one of my kids' little hands as we walk together!


Safety for our soldiers in harm’s way, and peace of mind for their families—a warm blanket of comfort.

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  • JC
  • Feb. 11, 2010


Your grown (married) daughters still calling you "daddy."

while there is a huge number of spectacular things that money can't buy, one of my favorites is sunset over the rocky mountains. it's usually very clear (100+ miles) here in colorado springs, so we wind up with an uncompromised view of the millions of shades and hues of light and colors, changing by the minute. and after all that, you are left with just enough light to have a deep, dark blue sky behind the stark outline of the mountains, with even the individual trees visible outlining the sillouette of the foothills. i usually have to remind myself to start breathing again after all this. anyone who does not believe in God has paid attention to a sunset.

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