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Max Lucado - An International Ministry Heavyweight?

Max Lucado UpWords®In my experience, I have found that Max Lucado is an international heavyweight when it comes to sharing the gospel message:

  • A friend in the Philippines gave me a Max Lucado devotional workbook (one of his favorites) as a parting gift.
  • My sister took my copy of Max's book, "Travelling Light" I left in Hong Kong to China and shared the book with her Chinese friends.
  • My parents have read a few of his books in Korean and suggested that I read them as well (in English)!
  • I'm confident that I've seen Max's work in bookstores in Australia (in addition to Hong Kong, Korea and the Philippines)

It only makes sense that with more than 65 million books sold and 25 years of writing, Max has reached people in all over the world - and it's continuing to grow. Just a few days ago, a bible student in Romania asked for permission to translate Max's devotionals so he could share it on the radio and internet for other Romanians to be able to hear the Gospel message!

It is clear that Max has a gift with words, that I am thankful that he uses that gifting to share the gospel message.  I love knowing that I have the daily opportunity to hear Max share these truths of the gospel and life in his 1:00 feature, "UpWords®."  It never ceases to amaze me that many of these insights may have already been shared with the rest of the world in so many different languages through his writing!  I'm excited to learn more from Max this next month as he continues to share incredible insights though UpWords® with titles like: "Victory in the atonement," "How to lessen stress," and "Hiding from God."

By the way, if you are attending NRB next week, I'd love to connect with you!  You can give me a call at 949-681-7626 or e-mail at kiyong@ambaa.com.



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