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Travelin' Light--to NRB: a Metaphor for Life!

LuggageSaturday morning I was on the elevator in my condo building and a couple got on who were obviously "moving in." The man person was carrying a tower of shoe boxes and didn't appear all that happy about it!

I thought to myself--"whoa lady, you need to edit those shoe boxes!"

It's number one on my list for travelin' light, whether it's to NRB or any trip you take.

Guys, this is primarily for us gals, but if there's something here you can latch on to, be my guest.

First, shoes take up too much valuable space.  Can you live with one pair less?  In fact, make that the question you ask yourself for everything you're packing.  "Can I live with one less of. . . (you fill in the blank)?"

Two words:  carry on!  Unless you're on a non-stop--never check luggage.
Actually I never check luggage--non-stop or not.

Put clothing items in gallon plastic bags--they squeeze down nicely.  Yes, you'll need to iron when you arrive; in most cases, you probably do anyway.  Let's face it, micro-fiber doesn't cut it for everything!

As much as possible pack clothing that does double-duty by changing a top or adding a jacket and keeping the skirt or pant basic and repetitive.

(I accessorize to the hilt--takes the attention away from wearing some of those same clothing items more than once!)  I'll come back to "accessories" in a moment.

I love warm, comfy shawls.  They're my blanket on the plane and my "jacket" when I arrive.

So, how many hair products do you really need?  Can you use a hotel brand shampoo, just for this trip?  It saves a lot of space.  And if you're a "creamer and smoother" do you have to bring all of those products?

If you have an iPhone (had to get that in here!). . .get an app for your Bible, your favorite devotional, even a hymnal and you're good to go.  I also use a Kindle for books and magazines and it's a huge space saver!

What most men don't get about women and packing is--we like choices.  It's why we take 14 different blouse, jacket, sweater, skirt, dress combinations.  And of course, one pair of shoes won't match all our choices, so there's that.

Here's the bottom line.  Take whatever you want that will make you most comfortable for your trip.  Just make sure what you take to the airport--you can carry!  Then travel on, girl friend!

Oh yea, accessories!  Big and bold makes everyone believe you've brought a ton, when actually you haven't!  Well, maybe a few extra pieces.

Evelyn Gibson

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