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Celebrating Compassion's Heroes Tonight!

Speak Up With Compassion® Celebration

We're here in Nashville at NRB.  There are important meetings to attend and great speakers to learn from but -- tonight . . . tonight we celebrate!

           Compassion's Heroes!  We're celebrating . . .

The children released from poverty in Jesus' name

The sponsors who opened their hearts to kids they'll never meet face to face

The radio stations who dedicate time, energy and talent to save just one more child!

Tonight we celebrate...Compassion's Heroes!

Join us!  Monday, March 1st at 9:00 PM in Ambassador's Hospitality Suite (Presidential Boardroom A)

*Thank you to all who Speak Up With Compassion® every day!

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising: We Connect. Ministry and Media

*We also celebrate Ambassador's Evelyn Gibson who received NRB's prestigious NRB Radio Impact Award on Saturday night.  Evelyn not only writes for Compassion International's daily "Speak Up With Compassion®," she lives out a personal mandate as an advocate for neglected and abused children.  

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