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NRB. . . It's About. . . The Marshmallows?

Marshmallows...What NRB is All About!


Stay with me!

In the days before heading off to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville (NRB), my prayer was, "Lord, give me patient obedience."  And He seemed to say back to me, "Ev, didn't we already cover that together?"

I'm usually obedient, but rarely patient.  So my prayer was in earnest.

I thought about it as I stood in a meeting area looking for some kind of appropriate bowl for marshmallows, thinking, "Lord, is this what you had in mind when You said, 'For such a time as this?'"  And I'm relatively sure His answer was, "Exactly!  Now you're getting it!"

It's not difficult to be gracious, humble, even self-effacing when you're being honored or listened to or sought out or sought after;  or when like Cheers, "everyone knows your name."  The real test is when you're ordering extra chairs, having boxes delivered, setting up furniture, answering questions about water or coffee or signage.  In those moments, it is about the marshmallows!

As an Ambassador team, our desire is to connect meaningfully with those we serve in Christian radio.  It's a given.  But in the connecting, service takes on a unique life of its own; much of it like the marshmallow. . .that "delicious, light spongy substance" melting incredible chocolate morsels, eliciting even s'more!

Evelyn Gibson
Ambassador Advertising: We Connect. Ministry and Media

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