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Moments with Joni and Friends® Family Retreats

 Fun at Joni and Friends® Family RetreatHave you ever had a "moment"? There are several kinds. There's the "I left the coffee on the roof of the car" moment and the "my tag is hanging out of my shirt" moment. And then there are moments. You know which ones I mean. Time itself stands still, you feel an uprising of warmth and emotion from deep within and you know - God has spoken. I had one of those moments recently at NRB at a special station gathering regarding Joni and Friends® Family Retreats.

After hearing Joni's heart about why they hold Family Retreats and how volunteers love on kids living with disabilities during their week long stay of fun, relaxation and fellowship - I was sold. I felt the uprising in me. God was saying, "You need to do this."

That's why I'm so excited to be serving alongside Joni and Friends®, helping to spread the word about these amazing Family Retreats. Families that deal with disabilities face unique challenges and often, are living moment by moment.

I can help - by sharing with you about Family Retreats (and volunteering myself at a retreat!).

We can help together - talk with me about PSA's, videos and web banners you can share with your listeners about Family Retreat volunteer opportunities!

So - are you ready for an uprising?

Are you ready to have a moment?


Anna Sinclair
Ambassador Advertising
We Connect. Ministry and Media.



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