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Jim Garlow Expand Leadership To Further Engage Culture

Jim Garlow Speaking at NRBWhat an inspiring time NRB was. Upper most in my mind was Jim Garlow's address on Saturday night at the opening session. The essence of that message: Jim emphasized that Daniel learned the "language and literature" of the Babylonians...and we should that as well if we truly desire bring truth to our culture. We need to speak the language.

That's exactly what Jim Garlow is doing...in the pulpit at Skyline, in the over 700 media interviews he's participated in, and of course...daily on "The Garlow Perspective."

And now Jim is also part of another venture that will give him an even greater platform to speak the language of Babylon as a citizen of Jerusalem. Just announced this week, Newt Gingrich has named Dr. Jim Garlow as the Chair for Renewing American Leadership (ReAL).

This is definitely a practical example of what Jim's point was during NRB! This new opportunity will give him the ability to further engage the culture through media and event, sharing about Christ in ways that are designed to impact America's leaders.

"I believe Speaker Gingrich has created an essential vehicle for educating our nation about its profound and unique Judeo-Christian heritage, the foundation upon which our liberties are based and upon which they depend," Jim mentioned.

Jim Garlow Engaging CultureNone-the-less, there is no diminishing in his commitment to radio. In fact, this new endeavor will further undergird the impact with "The Garlow Perspective." As he continues to engage the culture, wrestle with hot topics of the day, and speak to key influencers...that will feed into his daily radio feature, keeping your listeners equipped to dialogue on the latest topics surrounding faith and life.

All of that continues to flow out of the heart of a pastor, which his commitment to the local body remains as Senior Pastor of Skyline in San Diego. Jim explains that if genuine change is going to happen in the country, it's going to start in Churches and be led by pastors. And he's standing on the front lines in that effort!

Thank you for your continued partnership with Jim, especially in the days ahead as he continues to stand for Christian values in our society, bridging the Church and culture with clear thinking!

P.S. As if that is not enough on an already full plate, Jim heads for "The Next Great Awakening Tour" June 25- July 4. An incredible opportunity to visit historical spots from the first and second great awakening, you can join this trip that goes throughout the New England area.

Carolyn Kim

Ambassador Advertising


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