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The Empty Tomb

Empty TombWhat does Resurrection Sunday mean to you? 

For millions around the world, it's a time to gather and commemorate the first Easter and the moment of triumph when Christ rose from the dead.  But do we really understand the meaning of this historical day?  Are we equipped to share it with others? 

To do so, we need to know the crucial details surrounding the burial and resurrection of Jesus.  So beginning March 26 on "Grace to You®," and leading up to Good Friday, John MacArthur outlines those details from Scripture--sharing from the perspective of several eyewitnesses as they watched those events unfold over 2000 years ago. 

This new series from John helps us to understand the significance of The Empty Tomb and how it could radically change the meaning of our Resurrection Sunday this Easter.   

John MacArthurWe can learn more about Christ's journey to and through the cross by reading "The Murder of Jesus."  In this book by John MacArthur, we gain powerful insight into what was the worst kind of human injustice, yet the greatest demonstration of love.  

Details about other programming and resources from Grace to You® in April, will be available later this week. 


Blessings to you,

Michelle Blood


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