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What's Your Advice to a Younger Generation?

Al & Margaret SandersRecently we asked Ambassador's founder Al Sanders what advice he would give to a younger generation.  Here are his answers:

What's the secret to a 62 year marriage?
The secret for me is having such a good wife.  Not everyone is as fortunate.  Be willing to laugh (especially at yourself)!

Do you wish you were younger?
Everything I see makes me glad I'm at this age, and so close to the end. (I do wish I knew more about the Internet and some of these nwe electronic gadgets).

What's your favorite hymn?
It is Well with My Soul.  I cry every time I sing the words, "My sin -- O, the bliss of this glorious thought, My sin not in part but the whole."  And the last stanza ain't bad either: "And, Lord, haste the day."

Final thoughts?
Be willing to do the things that aren't in the "spotlight."  Be a servant and let the Lord exalt you in His own time and way.

So . . . what's your advice to a younger generation?  Leave your comment and be entered to win a signed copy of Al's book I'm Trying to Number My Days But I Keep Losing Count!


Every day, make a point to look for something to be thankful for. "Every good gift cometh down from the Father" and that includes even the simple, everyday things that God provides. I like to call it an "attitude of gratitude."

Blessed are the flexible. Blessed are the understanding. Be willing to follow God's direction. Be sure to talk to your spouse and be open and honest.

Agreed! Praise the Lord we are so close to meeting our Savior in Glory. As Joni wrote, "another day down, another day closer to heaven". AMEN!!!!! Elaine

Always be teachable - you never too old to learn new skills. Put yourself in a mentoring relationship.

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