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A Deafening Silence!

A happy face...a devastating secret

A silence that's hurting our children.

Child abuse.  It' not very popular to talk about.  The very mention will pretty much shut down a conversation.  But we'd better talk about it!

This month is our opportunity.  April is national Child Abuse Prevention Month.

So how do we prevent child abuse?

The answer is simple.  Stop it!

Child abuse thrives on silence.  More often than not, abuse is generational, a well kept family secret.  Fundamentally, the most effective deterrent to child abuse is to not abuse your own child and by raising children who don't abuse their child.  Beyond that, it involves each one of us.

You won't hear parenting talked about in most prevention literature.  You won't hear that abuse is surrounded by poor choices by a parent who puts a boyfriend or a husband before the needs of her child, of the pornography, the alcohol, the drugs, of well meaning moms and dads who don't want to believe the worst about another family member, another sibling.  And you definitely won't hear that Satan himself is out to devour the very soul of a child-if for no other reason than to get back at God Himself who said, "What you do for one of these, you do for Me!"

Child abuse prevention is our responsibility. We can be informed, we can use our voice to speak up for children, we can listen and we can believe a child when they desperately reach out for help.  What we cannot allow ourselves, is to turn our backs, our ears and our eyes away from the silence.

As I look over the roster of those radio ministries we're privileged to represent, I see people who care for children, people who care for families, people who're connecting what Jesus says with how we live and how we treat one another in love.

Child abuse is preventable!

Evelyn Gibson

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