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SEO--The Power of an Introduction

First Impression Hand ShakeYou have less than 30 seconds to make a strong first impression. It's in your hand shake, your eye contact, your body posture...and, of course, those first few words out of your mouth. For Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your title tag is your "first impression."

The goal for SEO is to help search engines understand the essence of who you are via your website. That's where your title tag comes in. You can find your title tag within your HTML code in the meta tags and you can also see what your title is by looking at the top of the browser you use.

So what makes a good title tag? Think of three S's:

Short: The title tag should not be longer than a few words.

Simple: Get straight to the point of your page, maybe your station's call letters with the section title or perhaps your ministry's name and the category of the page.

Strong: Remember the Keyword basics? Use your most prominent keywords within your title tag. Of course, it must be natural sounding and actually fit the context.

Each page in your site should have a unique purpose...and therefore, a unique title. The title should capture what the page is about in a few words. If you have several pages all about the exact same topic, consider restructuring to combine pages. If you have multiple pages with the same title, but different content, refine those title tags to reflect the content of each specific page.

The same energy you put into your first impression with listeners, clients, donors should be invested in a title tag. It doesn't take long, but pays off when done well!

Carolyn Kim
Ambassador Agency. We Connect. Ministry and Media

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