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A Confession

Confession time.  I didn't make it.  I tried...but between NRB and Easter,  I haven't been able to finish the Bible in 90 days. In fact, I'm not even done with the Old Testament. I know some of you have finished the whole thing and been blessed.  Come to think of it, I've been blessed by the portions I've read...even though I'm not done.

Isn't that really the point though?  This week on HAVEN Today...Charles Morris is giving us a chance to "get back with the program." A shot at redemption (what a Christian thing to do)!

Charles wants to encourage listeners to read with him through the New Testament in 21 days! I'm hoping that you will join me in finding greater delight and joy in God's Word in the days ahead.  May His Word always be a blessing to you, and never a burden.

Grace, Peace, and Joy

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