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What does no one make like mom?

Question of the MonthIt's no secret that Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 9th...but were you aware of "Eat What You Want Day" on May 11th?  We knew you'd want to know!

In honor of both important upcoming calendar dates, we asked people if they had a favorite dish that no one makes like their mama!  Here are a few answers (see more in the May edition of Ambassador's Update):

I'd have to say that's my granny's gingerbread.  Growing up in Dallas, she made it for us every weekend, from scratch!  I don't think she ever used a recipe but that woman could cook!  I don't even eat gingerbread now because nothing else measures up!  (Thelma Wells, speaker for the new daily 1:00, "Mama T Says")

Truth be told, my mom is first to admit that she's not much of a cook--a disappointment as our relatives in Mexico serve up some great traditional Mexican food!  Instead, my mom's nourishment in my life has been in the form of encourgagement and support . . . daily servings in perfect portions!  (Lee Ann Jackson, Ambassador)

So . . . what's your favorite dish that mom makes?


Saturdays were Heaven on earth when my Mom made chipped beef on toast. Throw a fresh tomato from the garden on the toast and smother it in Mom's specialty and it was to die for...mainly due to the copious amounts of butter!!

I’m all about dessert! Mom used to make killer cinnamon twists drenched in icing. But I can’t forget her homemade doughnuts and ice cream!

Whenever my mom comes to visit, I insist that she makes one of my breakfast favorites -- homemade biscuits with southern gravy.

It's some of the best comfort food!

She also makes the best pies.

My mom, Shirley Dobson, makes an amazing ground turkey meat loaf with a tomato based gravy. I haven't asked her to make it for me in a while, so it's time to put in the request!

My Mom is the best when it comes to pies ! After 40 yrs of marriage, I have finally started making my own piecrust, just because my mom assured me that I could do it ! Now when the kids complement me on a pie crust (regardless of what is in the crust) I am somewhat proud that it comes close to my Mom's. Thanks Mom for the confidence to "do it myself". But still, no one can top your pies and we love it when you bring one along, especially pecan !

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