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A Mother's Legacy

Emilie Barnes and FamilyMother's touch our lives as no one else can, and a mother's legacy is truly a precious gift that she passes on to her family.  So, in honor of our mothers and grandmothers, on May 9th we celebrate Mother's Day.

Emilie Barnes' mother left her a wonderful legacy that she will continue to pass on to her daughter and granddaughter.  Her mother passed on the legacy of being a woman of faith, living a Godly life, and modeling the Father's unconditional love. Precious gifts indeed!

On her program, Keep It Simple, Emilie has told the story of how very little she and her mother had after her father died.  While growing up, she and her mother worked very hard just to survive.  Yet her mother always took a moment to reach out to Emilie, and to others, to make them feel special.  She made a simple cup of tea into a tea party, or into a moment to really listen to someone that needed an ear. 

What a good reminder that we do leave a legacy for our loved ones - the question is, what kind will you leave? 

Happy Mother's Day!

Sheri Cooper

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