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Listening to the Lord

In the car with the kids, seems all three had something to say . . . from homework that needed to be done to asking what was for dinner.  It's not that I didn't want to listen to what each of them, but I quickly lost my focus as the three of them kept trying to speak to me at the same time! 

It got me to thinking . . . isn't daily life like that?  We have so much on any given day vying for our attention-we're challenged every minute with "who and what to listen to" . . . both in the mundane and the not-so-mundane of life. 

As Anne Graham Lotz shares in this month's ministry letter, like Ezekiel, she is learning to listen to the Lord when He speaks from within the darkened clouds and raging storms. 

She shares that some of the storms in her life have been private in nature, yet they have been as fierce as the ones that are more visible . . . but in the midst of it all, the message is simple, yet profound: Jesus is enough.  His grace is sufficient.  

Anne also shares that this same message from the storm has been echoed by a vast chorus of voices she's heard through emails, Facebook and radio: 

I heard you on the radio station as you were saying "listen to me, tell someone today!" I thought that's for me today.  I filed it in my mind and gave it to Jesus.  At  10:00 am I had the opportunity to share my faith again ...[and this person] accepted Jesus as his Savior.  He prayed to ask God to forgive him of his sin and to come into his heart. (S. Z. - "Daily Light for Daily Living®"

A great reminder -- no matter what the days hold or what (or who!) is seeking our attention, like Ezekiel, we need to be diligent about listening to the Lord!

Lee Ann Jackson


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