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Not Just A Statistic!

Jean Valjean 24601Life Issues® with Brad Mattes reminds me of the power behind numbers.  It's not just a digit ... it's a life

In college we used to say that we were just a "number."  Our school ID number was needed to check e-mail, register for classes, get into the café, and even access our rooms!

I'm sure you can relate.  We all have a phone number, bank account number, license plate number and social security number.  Thankfully, these numbers aren't designed to dehumanize us, but help things run smoothly in our daily life.

There are instances, however, when a person's identity can be taken away by a number.  Jean Valjean from Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, for example, was identified only by a number (24601) during his 19 years in prison.

In reality, though, numbers don't define us.  Numbers do not have any intrinsic value. People do. We have value because we were created in Gods image (Genesis 1:27).

Unfortunately, some overlook the value of life.  It's devastating to see so many children become just another number ... a statistic. 

The Life Issues® Institute website shares some horrific statistics:

Every day, over 3300 babies die from abortion in the U.S.  That translates to one child every 23 seconds.  That is absolutely tragic. 

This is why I am thankful that Brad Mattes has dedicated his life to making sure there is a voice for these children in our culture. Through your partnership with Life Issues® you are helping us spread this message that needs to be heard.  Life is precious and is a gift from God.

KiYong Kim


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