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Giving Hope to Parents of Prodigals

Beyond the Call GraduateOnce the cap is launched in the air what are the hopes and fears of the graduate's parents?  Many parents beam with pride as their son or daughter embark on a journey marked with clear goals and a vision of how they will go beyond the call in contributing to their world.

Then there are the parents who pray and hold their breath as they see their child-turned-adult make unwise decision after unwise decision.  This was the case for the parents in this upcoming story listeners will hear on "Beyond the Call" with Ron Cline:

Peter could not wait to escape his remote Liberian village.  His dad was the pastor of several tiny churches, and Peter hated it!

At last, he was off to Monrovia for college.  After graduation, he got a job and sank into the big city nightlife.

Then the news came.  His father had died.  At the funeral, Peter's life was reborn.

Exodus 20:12 says, "Honor your father."  Always in the back of Peter's mind was his dad's love for the people of the remote villages.

What has come of Peter?  Well Pastor Peter started a Bible college, and now - you guessed it - trains village pastors!

Honor your father and obey his commands.  Go Beyond the Call!

Give hope to the parents of prodigals in your listening audience, especially during this graduation season.  Reach out and challenge young adults to go beyond the call -- in their everyday lives by airing "Beyond the Call" with Ron Cline.


Katie Burke
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

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