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Instant Godliness?

Kiyong and CarolynOur society is all about instant gratification.

Need evidence? Just go to the grocery store! There are aisles upon aisles of instant noodles, microwave dinners and other pre-made meals.  We like the quick, efficient and hassle free solutions to our daily "problems."

I'm not bashing the innovations of our modern society or the convenience that comes with it. In fact, I quite enjoy it.  I take full advantage of microwave lasagna when I need a quick fix.  I am, however, asking whether or not I allow this philosophy of instant gratification to permeate into things that matter the most - my relationships. 

If I have a problem with my phone, Verizon will immediately replace it.  If I need to change my guitar strings, I can buy it off Amazon.com and have at my door in no time.  I cannot, however, simply replace my relationships every time I have a problem. 

In less than one month, I have the privilege of celebrating 1 year of marriage with my wife. This first year hasn't been easy, but it's been a good journey.  I've grown in my character in ways I could never have imagined.  The greatest lesson I've learned is that I need to fix my eyes on God. I wish there was some iPhone app that would give me 'instant godliness.'  However, in God's great wisdom, that won't ever happen!  I'll need to live life one day at a time and grow in my relationship with Him.  That's how I'll learn to better love and serve my wife (and others.)  There's no instant recipe available.

Ultimately, our relationship with God is what matters the most and this is exactly what Max Lucado is all about! He wants to point you toward Jesus. It's not an easy road ahead, but becoming more like Christ is absolutely worth it.  Max has a unique way of encouraging us with his carefully crafted "UpWords®" message that points us back to God.

In June, Max will talk about "Second Chances," "Destiny" and "Life's Riddles" amongst many other important topics.  Thank you for sharing this valuable message with your listeners as they face their own life obstacles.  From my own experience, Max has certainly inspired me to keep focused on God, and for this I am grateful!

P.S. Max will be on tour with Michael W. Smith, Third Day and TobyMac, sponsored by World Vision at the end of September and throughout October.  You can learn more about it right here! (this will like to www.makeadifferencetour.com)


KiYong Kim


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