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Because Every Minute Counts

I was at a store register, when the sales lady asked what was written on my bracelet.

I told her it was a Bible verse - from the Psalms . . . one of my favorite books in the Bible. 

I was going to tell her how much comfort and encouragement the Psalms are to me, but I hesitated and the moment was gone.   She finished the transaction and wished me a good day.

It's said that every minute counts . . . and in this case, I wonder if a minute could have made an eternal impact.  

In a classic "Decision Minute" feature, Billy Graham reminds us that a moment's hesitation can cost someone their life.  He encourages listeners to decide now to follow Christ by faith and be saved forever.

There are currently nearly 900 outlets sharing these life changing daily messages with their listeners-here's what one partner had to say about "Decision Minute" . . .

"In just 60 seconds listeners hear great content, testimonies and are pointed to Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer and Great Friend."       --Matt Wyatt, Operations Manager, KLTT (Denver CO)

Isn't that what Christian radio is all about - pointing us to Jesus?  And isn't that what we need to be about  . . . even when we're shopping--because every minute counts.

Lee Ann Jackson


We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

P.S. Contact me for more information on life changing radio programs, the "Hour of Decision®" and "Decision Minute" from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association . . . this year marking 60 years of broadcasting Good News! 

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