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"Donut Girls"--it may not be PC, but it works for me!

Donut and CoffeeIf you're serving up donuts, count me in!  Make it a chocolate splashed old-fashioned.

Friday is National Donut Day and the "Donut Girls" were women of the Salvation Army.  They didn't create the first donut, but they popularized the serving of "coffee and donuts." It was part of their effort to "bring a bit of home" to U.S. troops serving in France during World War 1.

Here at Ambassador every Friday is Donut Day! 

It's not a pretty sight when Jim Sanders drives into the parking lot with the "weekly dough" and a drooling staff runs to the door.  We're pitiful!

By the way, if there's a Krispy Kreme franchise near you--check it out--in some locations they're giving out free donuts in honor of this national celebration of--let's face it--lard!

And for a great donut recipe--you can't beat the Food Network and Alton Brown's take on the tasty confection.  (How much lard?)

So, what's your favorite?  Sign in. Let us know!

Evelyn Gibson

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