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Some things simply must not be convenient

Vending MachinesVending machines are convenient.  They provide you with the soda and chips you've been craving all day.  They now also dispense DVD's, fresh flower bouquets, and even a pre-heated kosher hot dog! It's incredible! They are open 24/7 and are there to help you in case you get hungry or bored (or both!) at three in the morning.

Unfortunately, I recently learned of some some vending machines that aren't as friendly.  Brad Mattes, host of the daily 1:00 Life Issues®, shared that there are vending machines in Iowa that dispense the chemical abortion RU 486!

These vending machines are hidden behind the walls of a clean and well-maintained Planned Parenthood facility.  Unsuspecting women enter, expecting to see to a doctor.  Instead, they are met by a computer screen. After a quick 'consultation' with a remote doctor, they can push a button on the machine that will dispense a little box with the RU 486 chemical abortion 'medication.'  There certainly isn't a physical exam.  Neither is a doctor present on the premises. Babies are now just an inconvenience that can be solved in a convenient way.

What will they think of next?  24/7 'service' with call centers in India?  Sure, this is a far cry from the back alley abortions with a coat hanger but is just as, if not more, devastating.  In fact, the convenience factor from the "vending machine abortions," as Brad Mattes calls this, simply dehumanizes the entire abortion process! As if this wasn't bad enough, RU 486 is a dangerous abortion drug and has killed at least 13 women worldwide and injured 1,100 in the U.S. alone (2006 FDA figures).

Learning of this ruined my day and I hope it does the same to yours! There are some things that simply must not be convenient.  For me, vending machine abortions are on the top of the list.  I am, however, thankful that Brad Mattes opened my eyes to this terrible adaptation of an otherwise brilliant concept.  I'm especially grateful for your partnership with Life Issues®.  Not only are you giving him a platform to share important news with your audience, you are giving LIFE your vote!

P.S. You can conveniently connect with Brad via Facebook or Twitter!  Just don't be surprised if you learn about something that ruins your day!

KiYong Kim


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