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Billy Graham Speaks to Escapism

Its summer time and the kids and I have planned our summer escape-a week at Hume Lake Christian Camp deep in Sequoia National Forest.

It'll be nice to escape the routine responsibilities of life for a few days . . . no homework, no emails, no household chores, just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful nature God created.

But there are those whose need to escape is far more "life-altering" - like the prisoner in a state penitentiary who wrote to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and shared,

"I am a life-termer, and for 10 years I have been dreaming and planning for the day when I could escape this horrible place."

The prisoner would came face to face with the reality that his concept of escape was different than what God had in mind for him, "Our plans for escape were almost complete when last Sunday a man in the cell next to mine tuned his radio to the "Hour of Decision®." I could not help but listen. My soul was stirred with memories of Mother and home. I began to realize how far I had wandered from Mother's teachings. I remembered the church we used to attend, and some of the sermons came thundering back to my memory."

As Billy Graham shares in a recent Decision magazine, "Thousands of people have plans to escape from the realities of life. A new word came into common usage a few years ago: escapism. The dictionary defines it as "a retreat from reality into an imaginary world." 

There's the escape of imagination, pleasure, security, self-sufficiency-all which draw people away from God.

As the prisoner realized from listening to the "Hour of Decision®," "for the first time in my life I felt the presence of God. I knew I had been what you call 'born again.' I have discarded my plans for escape because I realize that God can use me right here in this prison to help others find the wonderful peace that I have found in Christ."

A week at a Christian camp in the forest is a nice escape from the daily-ness of life, but for those looking for the reason of life, the one true escape and way of deliverance-that's the message shared on the "Hour of Decision®" and "Decision Minute". . . Jesus is the way of escape that God has provided!

Lee Ann Jackson


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