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A Summer to Remember

It's summertime again!  (Didn't we just celebrate Christmas!?)Porchswing

Time does speed by, and the older we get the faster it seems to go!  Remember the summers of long ago when the days were long and lazy?  Summer seemed to go on forever!

You can make this a summer to remember with some very simple ideas from Emilie Barnes.  Even if you aren't able to take a vacation this year, take a few hours each week, or each month for some mini-vacations.  

Emilie loves her mini-vacations with friends and family - a picnic, or a walk by a quiet tree-lined stream.  Or, just sitting on the porch watching the children fly kites or ride their bikes.  And she preserves these memories by recording them in her journal, or taking pictures to tuck in an album.

After listening to Emilie on Keep It Simple, and hearing how much she enjoys the "simple life," I was inspired to make my summer one to remember.  So now when I spend time with the special people in my life I always have my camera to record the memories.  I might even get around to putting them in an album some day!    

Don't let your summer slip by you in a blur this year.  Enjoy the moments, and record the memories, so that when Christmas does roll around (all-to-soon) again, you can look back and remember the lazy days of summer!

Sheri Cooper

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