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Inspired by my pastor's series this summer ... name the person and the destination for full credit!

1)  His journey, and life calling, was completely redirected when he experienced blinding light on his road trip.

2)  Out for a desert spin, this guy briefly met a stranger on the way ... the rest is (African) history, they say.

3)  He encountered a carcass and honey on his trek--and later, a trip to the "barber shop."

4)  You might call this the ultimate Stone Soul Picnic ... taking sustenance to his brothers, he ended up with a little larger assignment.

5)  The hike he and his dad took ended up in a BBQ.

6)  Cosby & Culp had nothing on this indomitable duo.

7)  She left home for a whole new world, and ended up the wife of a wealthy second husband.

8)  Swallowed up by anger issues, his journey included a sun stroke when a worm demolished his shady spot.

9)  Despite a recent victory, he ended up on a wildnerness trek, grateful for the shade of a juniper tree.  (Incidentally, his last road trip was a space mission.)

10)  Might use their fate as a reminder to grumbling kids--hey, the promised destination is worth the wait!



Yay! Peggy's Friday Triva Returns!
1. Paul the Apostle
2. Ethiopian Eunuch
3. Samson
4. David
5. Isaac
6. (Really tough, so here's a guess) Paul and Silas
7. Ruth
8. Jonah
9. Elijah
10. Israelites

Same at Phil ↑↑↑...except #6

Joshua & Caleb

I agree with Phil save #6 and then I'll go with Pete. As for destinations...
1. Damascus
2. Traveling home to Africa from Jerusalem
3. Timnah to marry his wife
4. The Valley of Elah
5. Mount Moriah
6. Reminds me of a song... Canaan
7. Bethlehem
8. A place east of Nineveh (shady spot demolished)
9. Horeb - mountain of God
10. the Promised Land - the territory from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates river

Great responses! To get the complete list of answers, just email Peggy: PCampbell@AmbassadorAdvertising.com!

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