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Trip To Fantasyland

Here's the weekly Friday quiz to test your knowledge. Post your answers below!

1-Walt's Kingdom.

2-"You are ever happy there!"

3-For decades, it was every kid's first board game.

4-It was on 52nd Street and the cats they gigged in there were beyond compare!

5-Kate Hudson's mom starred in this early Steven Spielberg pic.

6-Resting place of The King.

7-Resting place of the NRB--lately, anyway.

8-The original was built in Denmark (logically, all things considered) but one in the USA is now on many a family's itinerary while in SoCal.

9-Peter Pan territory.

10-So (if you played last week) ... Caleb & Joshua's objective.


This is great didn't know it was here!

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