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When Our Plan B is God’s Plan A

HCJB Global Plan A or BWhat have you been waiting on lately?  Relief from back pain?  The sale of house?  The iPhone to come to Verizon? 

Oftentimes when things don't according to our plan we resort to the second best option.  But what if what we call "Plan B" is God's "Plan A"?  That's what one radio manager is counting on.

Mike Mafa has been applying tirelessly for a radio license to broadcast in Botswana . . . for seven years.  Imagine having to wait to do what you feel God has called you to do . . . for over seven years!  Here's more on Mike's story from the HCJB Global blog:

Talk about persistent. Mike has filled out application after application, met with official after official, only to be denied a broadcast license every time. Talk about optimistic! He named his station Soul FM even though it's never even been on the air yet!

It would be enough to depress most of us ... but not Mike. He's doing radio anyway, and has been for several years now-on the Internet with a live audio stream. HCJB Global helped Mike with a new audio streaming device a few months ago and have committed that when he gets that license - and I know he will - we are ready to help.  (Keep reading)

Stories just like Mike's are shared each day on "Beyond the Call" with Ron Cline from HCJB Global  . . . stories of faithful people showing up right in the center of God's "Plan A."

Encourage people to seek after God's "Plan A" by airing "Beyond the Call" (1:00).

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