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SEO--Speed Matters!

TimerAn aspect to SEO that you might not have considered before is speed.

When you think of an internet user, if they come to your site and are forced to wait for images and other engagement object to load before being able to browse, they'll likely bounce. Search Engines don't want to be pointing to sites that lead to high bounce rates and unsatisfied users. So the faster your site is, the happier your user is and the more Search Engines like your site. It's really that simple.

Earlier this year Google announced some changes to the algorithm that included added significance for page speed. A this point, Google estimates that fewer than 1% of search queries are affected by the site speed change. Which means, for most of us there hasn't been a noticeable change in our rankings. However, it's a good reminder that speed is something to be concerned about, does have an impact on your ranking and may become even more significant in the days ahead. While around 1% are impacted right now--the web is becoming increasingly competitive and at any point the algorithm may change to impact a larger portion of sites.

If you're not sure how your pages are ranking, try out Google's Page Speed. It'll give you a score as well as provide a list of changes that need to be made in order of priority. It's a fantastic resource to evaluate your speed and hone in on some areas you might not have considered before such as graphics that are not compressed, minifying CSS, parallelizing downloads and more!

Optimizing your site's speed is all about your users being able to easily and conveniently find what they were looking for. Ultimately, that's what SEO comes down to--being the best fit for what the person is looking for in the most organized fashion.

Speed is absolutely part of it!

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