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What Do You Know About Heaven?

I don't recall if anyone has ever asked me that question before.  I know what scripture says ... everything is new ... there's no pain or sorrow ... most of all, it's our eternal home with Jesus.  But as a believer, shouldn't I know more?

Well here's my opportunity ... maybe yours too.  This month on "Grace to You®," John MacArthur takes us through his study of Heaven, answering questions like "what is heaven?, " "what will it be like?," and "how will we relate to others, especially God, when we get there?"  It's a very timely and in-depth three week series that every believer will want to hear. 

Grace to You® also offers a corollary resource that might help dispel any misconceptions we have of heaven as well as provide an accurate and biblically sound explanation of this glorious place.  Check out GTY.org for details about John MacArthur's book, The Glory of Heaven.


To get the complete broadcast schedule for "Grace to You® " and other resources available during this month, be sure to download the August promo packet. 


Michelle Blood


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