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Joni and Friends® - Because God Likes Different

Joni Eareckson TadaAs I was looking at this beautiful picture of Joni, I thought to myself, "Joni paints with her mouth, and I carry things under my chin."

I was born a Congenital below-the-elbow Amputee. From day one, I had to learn to do things differently. I was 10 when I learned how to tie my shoes, and I can assure you there's no "around this and that" song that goes with my double knotted fun.

I finally figured out how to type one-handed and "do" my hair in college (leaving home for school was a terribly scary and forcefully liberating experience).

Stubbornly, I like to carry all my groceries into the house in one trip (no matter what) - and I've figured out how to use my mouth, chin, and all three and a half limbs to make that happen (it's not pretty, but it works...shutting the trunk of the car in one swoop with everything in tow is still currently being perfected).

All those thoughts came flooding in as I looked at Joni - creating a masterpiece with her mouth. With such artistic beauty the likes of an able-bodied fellow could never compare. And it hit me. We do things differently. Not because some random act of life made it so - but because God willed it so before we were even born.

Because God likes different. To Him, it's the real stuff of this life. It's vulnerable. It's beautiful. It leads to things. Like Joni and Friends® - a ministry that has touched millions around the world and shown the other millions what servant leadership is all about.

Joni and I have different stories, and now so much more heightened with Joni's battle with breast cancer - but we share a connective thread of fabric that leads to the same tapestry. We all do.

And, how thankful I am for Joni's thread - or should I say, for her pink pencil.

Please click here for updates on Joni's health and to hear more about her journey with cancer.


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