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It's All About Jesus

the crossMinistry is about people, and ministering to people is about introducing them to a person … the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords - Jesus. What I love most about the ministry of Haven Today is that the focus of the broadcast is always on Christ.  As you’ve heard Charles Morris say “… it’s all about Jesus.” 


There are few things in life that encourage me more than Christian biography (whether written or heard).  We all love to hear stories about what God is and has done. Yet as much as we want listeners to get to know people like Bilquis Sheikh (the Muslim woman who saw Jesus in a dream), Roger Woodward (who was plunged over Niagara falls at age 7) and Jeremy Begbie (Professor of music and theology), our hope is that through the amazing stories of what God has done in their lives, they will ultimately get to know the Amazing Savior who redeemed them.  He is what it’s all about. I hope you’ve been enjoying our series “Christians You Should Know”, and I pray you’ll continue to be reminded that “… it’s all about Jesus.” 


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