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After the Vacation . . .

Just back from a week vacation with my children at Hume Lake in the Sequoia National Forest . . . someone said that if you return from a vacation as happy as you left, then it was a good vacation.  Mine was pure joy.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have enjoyed leisurely days with my children riding bikes around the lake, gazing at the magnificent stars in the clear night sky and marveling at the majesty of the Sequoia trees. 

As I look at the pictures we took of the incredible Sequoia trees though, I wonder . . . beyond building happy family memories, am I taking every opportunity I can to invest in the lives of my children in eternal ways?

Sequoias are the largest of all American forest trees, with the tallest redwoods attaining heights of more than 350 feet and the giant sequoia generally containing the largest total volume of wood. Once believed to be the world's oldest living things-some are more than three thousand years old-sequoias have very thick bark that makes them highly resistant to insects, fire, and fungi.

Like the giant sequoia trees, my two oldest children are beginning to tower over me all too quickly (I think my 14 year old Joshua has grown an inch this summer alone!), but more important than their physical growth, my post vacation thoughts have me thinking about their spiritual growth.

Am I doing all I can to help equip my children to be resistant to all of life's ups and downs  . . . to resist the temptations our youth face today?

Some of the ways God has provided for me to help "thicken the bark" of my children: 

  • A home church for over 20 years at which the children and I are very involved.
  • Quiet time in the mornings (sometimes it's only five minutes) to pray and read a youth-appropriate devotional.
  • Being intentional to reflect on daily life occurrences and how God would have us respond . . . to the homeless man on the corner, to the disabled person needing assistance at the market and yes that means checking how we respond to little sister!

Because I know it takes "a village" to raise Godly children today, what are some ways you are equipping your children to resist what they need to and embrace what they should . . . how are you helping to grow them spiritually?   

Lee Ann Jackson


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