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More than a Spectator

I heard from both my son and my daughter's soccer coaches this week regarding their first team practice. In addition to noting the dates on the calendar, I also note it's time to break out the stadium chairs, the coolers and sun umbrellas to get myself ready for soccer season.  While I won't be spending time on the field, I will be a part of the team . . . as a spectator on the sidelines.

In a upcoming "Daily Light for Daily Living®," Anne Graham Lotz reminds us that while being a spectator at sporting events is an important function (what would sporting events be without people watching them?), when it comes to our faith, we need to be a part of the action! 

In John 17, the disciples overhear Jesus in private conversation with His father; and through His prayer, we glimpse the intimate relationship between them.  Jesus says to His Father, "This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent."

Anne further reflects how we are invited to share in the relationship Jesus has with His Father . . . how we should embrace knowing God now! 

And stop being a "spiritual spectator."

Lee Ann Jackson


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P.S. Thank you for your prayers in conjunction with the ministry's September 11th prayer rally in preparation for the October Pursuing More of Jesus event in Des Moines-one more way the ministry equips others to move from being a "spiritual spectator" to knowing God intimately!



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