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Let's Change The World!

Max Lucado in EthiopiaWe can be the change we want to see in the world.

Last Thursday, pastor Max Lucado shared his extraordinary plan to outlive his life with pastors all across the U.S. over a conference call.  Expressing that one of his personal goals is to see 25,000 children living in poverty sponsored, he invited the pastors and their congregation to help him by attending the "Make A Difference Tour."  Max will be joined on the nationwide 20-city tour by Toby Mac, Third Day and Michael W. Smith.

Max's new book, "Outlive Your Life," is a powerful study on the first 12 chapters of the book of Acts.  Examining how the early Christians exploded onto the scene of world history, Max notes that they lived lives of extraordinary generosity and love.  Men and women from every tribe, tongue and nation joined the church as they sought to love one another, just as God loved them.  As you and I both know, they dramatically changed the landscape of the world.  Here we are, 2,000 years later, proclaiming the same gospel message!

Noting that we living in a devastated world, full of poverty, suffering and pain, Max invites us to all to outlive our lives.  One way Max wants to encourage us is by sharing about this very topic in UpWords® during the entire month of September. With titles like "Equipped for Service, "Common people," "Jesus' coming," "Persecution," and "Hypocrisy," the messages will both uplift and challenge your listeners.

Thank you for continuing your partnership in ministry with Max.  You help provide a platform from which Max can share this important message.  Through your station, you are encouraging listeners to maintain their focus on God.  We are, together, changing the world!

KiYong Kim


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P.S. I'm really excited that one of the stops is near me! I hope the same is true for you!

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