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Where Your Choices Collide With Worldview

Coffee CupIt's too easy for me. The choice to keep my faith a "personal belief" while not allowing it to impact my relationships, conversations and choices is so easy. After all, that's what culture is dictating faith should be. Once it becomes something that saturates every facet of who you are, you become a fanatic.

Recently while having coffee with a "fanatic" I realized, if that's what being a fanatic is...I want to be one too!

She's not who you would expect to have rocked my world.  She was quiet and petite. But the most outstanding part of who she was to me, is a leader in the underground church. Her story is truly inspiring. She's left her parents, who are in a position of dependence, to come and get theological training for Christians who are in need of solid teaching. Not knowing how she'll provide for her parents or herself and not knowing what her future will be as she serves in the underground Church--she is confident of one thing: She loves Jesus with all her heart and she wants to help others do the same.

As we talked, I realized that she was exactly what society says not to be: Don't have your faith set you apart. Don't share what you believe "truth" is. Don't take risks for something that can't get you physical or financial security. But I also noticed something else--she was more confident, secure and content in where she is than many people I meet.

That's exactly what Chuck Colson and Mark Earley share about each day on "BreakPoint®" and "The Point®." Having a faith that doesn't collide with your life is pointless. We need to see the world through a biblical lens.. From being a soccer Mom to engaging with politics, our faith in Jesus Christ absolutely should change how we live, talk and build community.  I'm so thankful for Chuck Colson and Mark Earley as they encourage all of us (not just those privileged enough to serve in the Underground Church) to take our faith seriously, to make choices based on God's Truth and to share this one and only True worldview with others!


Carolyn Kim
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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