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Ambassador's Weekly QuizName me; name my spouse. (And then, feel free to email Peggy to check your answers!)

1)  My husband's first wife was really just a Friend.

2)  I thought I was so clever getting him to dump #1--until I lost my head.

3)  I'm telling you, I must have done something good somewhere in my youth or childhood.

4)  My extended family has known much tragedy but even tho they called it "Camelot" and my second marriage was, well, financially secure ... my own life was no bed of roses either.

5)  My husband worked 14 years for me -- but, oy vey, his troubles were only beginning then!

6)  I seem to thrive on second place--first it was to a "knowing" dad turned doctor, then it was to a wealthy hotel owner ... I guess I'm even playing runner-up to my handsome son who also has an Oscar-winning wife.

7)  Dang, and I could just imagine me in the White House instead of current occupants.  Oh well, back to the cactus!

8)  My name's been in the Hall of Fame for more than 50 years ... but some think I'm more famous for this marriage--or maybe the coffee thing.

9)  My wife's sons could never get along despite the Texas-sized ranch they occupied.  When the Miss married me you could say all hell broke even looser.

10)  Despite an extraordinary attachment to her first mother-in-law, I think finding my wife  was very much ordained.

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