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Showing Up for the Journey

We're just realizing we're more broken then we ever even imagined ... it's not about how we're going to get this all patched up ... it's how we're going to trust God to be enough.  Is His grace really sufficient as He says and can we really rest in that, trust in that, anchor to that? ... Our hope is anchored in the promise of God ... we know His grace is enough.  That's why were sitting here with tears in our eyes ... we're still showing up for this journey."  --Steven Curtis Chapman


Most of us remember the day we heard about the tragedy that befell the Steven Curtis Chapman family in May 2008.  An unfortunate accident that took the life of their precious five year old daughter, Maria Sue.

This week on FamilyLife Today, Steven and Mary Beth Chapman join Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine to talk about their family's emotional yet hopeful journey since that fateful day.  We'll also hear about their continued efforts on behalf of orphans with the opening of Maria's Big House of Hope  -- a six-story, 60,000 square foot orphanage that houses and provides medical care for special needs orphans in China.  Be sure to tune in for this very poignant week of broadcasts.  (If you miss any of this week's programs, listen online at FamilyLifeToday.com.)

In addition to the Chapman's interview, several orphan ministry leaders will be featured on FamilyLife Today in a two-part series airing September 16-17.  Caring for the Orphans and details about other programming this month from FamilyLife can be found here.


Several years ago, FamilyLife challenged their staff to pray and consider how God could use them in responding to the needs of the orphan.  Michael DeLon (Director of the Audio Group) and his wife, Jill, accepted the challenge and became foster parents.  Last week, the DeLon family was in court to sign adoption papers for Elliana Renee DeLon - a lively toddler they took in more than two years ago who now has a home to call her own.  Congratulations DeLon family!

The DeLon Family with JudgeElliana smiling! 

If you've ever asked yourself, "what can I do on behalf of the orphan?" -- check out FamilyLife's Hope for Orphans  to explore your options.


Michelle Blood

Ambassador:  We Connect.  Ministry and Media.


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