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The 60th Anniversary “Hour of Decision®” Broadcast!

My father was a believer . . .  though he was not very open about it.  In fact, he wasn't very open about a lot - he was born in 1923-fought in World War II (that's him on the right at 18!) and lived through the depression.  It was a generation that kept a lot inside.  But  . . . my dad talked about Billy Graham.  

It was during his time in Panama when he first heard Billy Graham preach and he never forgot it.  He appreciated his strong conviction and commitment to the Gospel.  

It's that same commitment to the Gospel listeners hear today on the "Hour of Decision®" which marks its 60th broadcast anniversary with a special program on September 12th

Highlights from the special broadcast include . . . 

> Cliff Barrows hosting-marking his 61st year as host! He shares the story of the beginnings of the "Hour of Decision®" . . . the action that launched the media ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

> Underscoring the commitment of "60 years: One Powerful Message", listeners will hear portions from Billy Graham's first "Hour of Decision®" message.  A segment of Franklin Graham's message from last month's Rock the River Tour West will also be shared.

> Testimonies from people whose lives God impacted through the radio ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. 

Join us in marking this significant ministry milestone by airing the special 09/12 edition of the "Hour of Decision®" not only at its regularly scheduled time but consider airing a second release as well. If you aren't currently airing the "Hour Of Decision®" and would like to share this special broadcast with your listeners, contact me for clearance!

Lee Ann Jackson


We Connect.  Ministry and Media.  

P.S. Also included in this special "Hour of Decision®" broadcast is information on how to receive the rich story of 60 years of God's work through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association via an exclusive 60th Anniversary DVD!

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