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Benefitting from Life's Trials

When you're in the midst of a difficult season of life - mourning the loss of a loved one, experiencing long term unemployment, reeling from a fractured relationship, or facing serious health issues - it's not always easy to rest in the psalm ... "but joy comes in the morning." 

That's why listeners searching for ways to cope with - or survive - life's toughest moments will want to tune in to hear John MacArthur  share a powerful study on Benefitting from Life's Trials.  This series of messages reveals God's plan for us to actually thrive and experience joy, and not if trials come, but when they do.  And, more importantly, perhaps provide us with a better understanding of how God uses trials to mature us as Christians.

Be sure to encourage listeners to tune in for this two week study on "Grace to You®," beginning October 11.

Are you airing John MacArthur's new Bible Q&A.  These 2:00 minute features include answers to most-frequently asked questions that your listeners have about the Bible, theology, and the Christian life.  If it isn't a part of your programming line-up, take a moment to audition it here or listen to today's feature at MacArthurCommentaries.com(And while you're there, submit your own Bible question.  It may be used on a future Bible Q&A!)


Michelle Blood

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