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Get up and go...with Beyond the Call!

HCJB Global Vision Journeys with Ron Cline

HCJB Global is inviting people to discover their mission by experiencing today's modern missions.  Ron Cline, the voice behind HCJB Global's "Beyond the Call" is hosting three special "Vision Journeys" in 2011.

Each day Ron Cline shares stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the Kingdom.  Now, listeners will have the opportunity to have a first-hand encounter with Kingdom work by attending a Floating Missions Conference, participating in ministry in Ecuador or walking in the steps of Jesus in a Holy Land tour.

Don't miss the opportunity to connect listeners with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to widen their world on a "Vision Journey."

Does your station air "Beyond the Call"?  Consider tagging each day's program with this special invitation to literally "go" beyond the call and on a Vision Journey with HCJB Global.  Here are the details for the three trips:

Travel from Los Angeles to Hawaii and Mexico on a Floating Missions Conference January 5-19, 2011 on the Princess Cruise line.

Meet today's missions opportunities in exotic Ecuador, South America, April 9-19, 2011.  Spend time with missionaries and nationals alike by getting involved in ministries like teaching English as a second language, doing mercy ministries with large groups of street people and making solid connections with real cross-cultural missionaries.  Oh, and you may want to add an extension to the Galapagos!

Walk where Jesus walked in Israel and Jordan on a special Holy Land journey June 6-17, 2011.  Gain a new understanding and appreciation for the times and culture of Jesus' ministry -- even swimming in the Dead Sea! Ron Cline will share Biblical insights at the major sites like Mount Carmel, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, the Pool of Bethesda and the garden tomb. 

Call 1-800-468-1626 or e-mail tours@hcjb.org for details and brochures.  And remember, you don't need a "Vision Journey" to have an encounter with missions!  Listen to "Beyond the Call" for inspiration on opportunities to serve every day!

Katie Burke
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

P.S. Not airing "Beyond the Call"?  Ask me how!

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