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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Mercy's On Its Way!

Don StephensI felt my heart drop when I heard about the earthquake and all the devastation in Haiti.  As the days went by, I was blown away by the death counts, and prayed that God would first and foremost be a place of hope for these people.  I am thankful for those who sacrificially drop everything going on in their lives to help those in need.  Mercy Ships®, one of the first responders, sent doctors, nurses and other experienced medical experts to provide emergency surgery in this crisis.  With more than 1,000 people who have connected with Mercy Ships®, they ...

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What is the Church?

Max LucadoCommunity is a hot topic in our culture today. What is it? How do you get it? Christians have some great answers for these questions! Frankly, the best place to find community should be in Church.

The Church is more than a group of people gathering to sing songs and read from an old historical book! Max Lucado extrapolates God's design in establishing the church. It's firmly built on the foundation of a resurrected Jesus.

God's desire is to bring all people back into right relationship with Him and with fellow believers in perfect community.

I'm ...

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Telling the Truth -- LIVE!

Briscoes Live Event

Sitting on my couch.  That's where I was last Friday evening when I was entertained, encouraged and energized by the ministry of Telling the Truth.  All I needed was a laptop to enjoy a live stream of the annual "Evening with the Briscoe's" in Milwaukee, WI.

While not live -- you can take part in what the evening held for the 3,000 in attendance (and many, many more online!), on Telling the Truth's website.  May I recommend the couch?

Be sure to visit the website where you can watch the Briscoes share from their hearts in their ...

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iPhone the "older brother?" Oh brother!

iPhoneWith the coming of the new iPad-Apple has essentially made the iPhone, as one blogger put it-the "older brother."

Of all people at Ambassador, I'm the least likely to be talking about this new phenom in technology.  But I find myself like a kid waiting for my birthday--which, by the way, isn't that far off either!

The iPhone has literally changed my technical life--and to a great extent, my personal life.  How I connect with my friends; how I manage emails, and Facebook.  Instead of swapping recipes (which I've never done!)--it's "what's your favorite ...

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Kay Arthur - Calling All Jeremiahs

If ever we needed 'Jeremiahs' it is today.  God calls a man who feels totally inadequate for the job.  God calls him to stand, to be his valiant spokesman ... to go forth and proclaim the Word of God to the people of God that they might repent ... return to God.

Kay Arthur

View Kay's full statement here about this new series airing on "Precepts For Life":  


Click here to download the February Promo Packet for "Precepts For Life."

Also, if you plan on attending NRB in Nashville, Kay will be speaking at the Women's Luncheon on Sunday, February ...

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A New Challenge From Revive Our Hearts

Nancy Leigh DeMoss presents a new challenge for listeners seeking to grow deeper in their faith this year.  She is encouraging her audience to develop the habit of Scripture memorization.

Listeners responded overwhelmingly to the recent programs on "The Joy of Memorizing Scripture" - here is what some shared . . . 

What inspiration these programs are. I read through my Bible each year, lead a Bible study, but have not developed the habit of memorization of God's Word.  This habit is going to begin today. Thank you for this well timed set of programs.

I have been praying for direction concerning Scripture ...

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