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Remembering a Friend!

Jon CampbellLife goes on!  There's no one who believed that more strongly than Jon Campbell.  But the other day as we gathered as a staff, and I looked around the room, I realized a number of our staff never knew Jon.  How can that be?  Has it been that many years?

Life does go on.  But what great reminders to have of those who've led us, influenced our lives, been a part of our mistakes and blunders and moments of joy and sorrow.  

Over the years people have asked me, "What would cause you to leave Ambassador?"  And my answer (although Jon never knew this!) was always to say, "When Jon Campbell walks in my office and says, 'Ev, I think God's calling me to encourage you to move on!'"  And part of the criteria for my imagining the scene, was that it would be a positive nudge-God leading Jon to let me know my next assignment.  Well that never happened.  And so I wait-contentedly-for my next assignment.

Jon was born January 11, 1949 and left us all too soon on June 22, 2005.

Evelyn Gibson




I loved to see Jon's great smile!
I miss his cell phone calls just to say Hi...as he was heading down the freeway.

I will see my friend again some day!

Praying for Peggy this week!

Great piece on a day to remember a great friend. All too soon. All too soon.

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