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Chuck Colson and Mark Earley at NRB 2010

Chuck ColsonThe need for a strong worldview is more apparent than ever-from how Christians are responding to the crisis in Haiti, to the health care debate and reactions to pop culture. It's our grounding in biblical principles that should guide our understanding and reaction to world and cultural events. That's just what Chuck Colson and Mark Earley are dedicated to helping you and your listeners do every day. On BreakPoint® and The Point®, they candidly explain the reality of situations from a distinctively Christian stance.

Chuck Colson and Mark Earley are very significant figure in my life-greatly shaping my perspective and understanding of society and a Christian's role. That's why I'm so excited for NRB this year-they'll both be there! I wanted to make sure you knew about that so you could mark your schedule accordingly. It's certainly something you'll Mark Earleywant to make sure you have blocked off!

  • Chuck Colson will be speaking at the Closing Banquet on Tuesday evening.

  • Mark Earley will be in the Ambassador Suite (Presidential Boardroom A) to have a meet and greet Monday from 9:00 AM -10:00 AM. It's the ideal time to drop in and say hi!

I'd love to let Mark know you'll be stopping by during his time on Monday in the Ambassador Suite. Just send me a confirmation and I'll be watching for you!  NRB will be here before we know it!

See you soon . . . in Nashville!


Carolyn Kim
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


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