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iPhone the "older brother?" Oh brother!

iPhoneWith the coming of the new iPad-Apple has essentially made the iPhone, as one blogger put it-the "older brother."

Of all people at Ambassador, I'm the least likely to be talking about this new phenom in technology.  But I find myself like a kid waiting for my birthday--which, by the way, isn't that far off either!

The iPhone has literally changed my technical life--and to a great extent, my personal life.  How I connect with my friends; how I manage emails, and Facebook.  Instead of swapping recipes (which I've never done!)--it's "what's your favorite app?"

So what's different?  I've had cell phones for years but tenaciously avoided "technology."  Until the iPhone!  It's easy to navigate; easy to communicate; easy to discover new ways to do old things.

Who knew I'd have my Bible on my phone.  In the version I prefer!  That I'd read books on a screen and communicate thousands of miles away with friends in Africa, India-and across town in Seal Beach!

This "older sister" is anticipating a new generation of doing old things in a new way! 

Evelyn Gibson

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